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Hello, my name is Catherine !

Sacramento, California · Member since January 2014
I am a semi-private gal who lives and works in downtown Sacramento. I am one of Sacramento's top food bloggers.

I was born in Canada to a Filipina mother and a British father. I left at the age of two weeks to live in Oregon, Washington, and Maine before dad took a job in Saudi Arabia. This great opportunity led to a life of world travel and culinary experiences. I've even had fresh camel's milk milked for my brother and I by a bedouin in the desert.

Yes, I love food. I do cook and bake. I will freely admit that I'm not really a creator of recipes or have the most distinguishing of tastebuds. I'm also allergic to alcohol, so you can forget any wine posts. I appreciate good food though. My extra income will go to a fine meal before clothes or shoes.

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