Mare e dintorni

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Mare e dintorni
Mare e dintorni
Mare e dintorni

4 guests
1 chef

a beautifully set table and ... taste, the true protagonist, accompanied by the scents and colours of Sicily. Creative cuisine and carefully selected wines, with music to complete the magical atmosphere.

All 5 senses are stimulated during an evening of discovery, comparison and harmony.


for passion and for the Pleasure of Discovery
the continuous search for delicious combinations, stimulating contrasts, new interpretations of traditional recipes, balanced experiments with new choreographies.
A music lover by birth, I make no secret of my other passion – cooking – and I share my thoughts with guests during the preparation of their meal.
This, too, is culture – where ideas are exchanged at the table, enhanced by fine wine selected carefully for the event.
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Any day · 8 pm
Every day open with reservation
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Meet Luciano
Palermo, Italy
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- Macco of red lentils and cuttlefish with black hidden.
- Timbale nano avenue sword in fig mustard.
- Flan potato and shrimp Ancienne caramelized chestnut honey.
- Medallion of tuna carpaccio and crispy zucchini.
- Black lentils of Ustica to the scent of cardamom and ginger stew of clams


- Trofie fresh shrimp red tomatoes dried raisins and almond powder.
- Trenette with ragout of mussels and mushrooms.
- Noodles shrimp lime and crispy basil.
- Spaghetti alla chitarra with capers sauteed razor clams and toasted tumminia.
- Risotto and red mullet with orange and saffron.
- Tagliatelle with coral red shrimp with eggplant cream and sun dried tomatoes.


- Marbles crispy gurnard and cucumber sauce and cardamom.
- Fillets of yellowtail golden and candy potato figs.
- The frying of fish in chickpea flour.
- Cubes spatula and capers with reduction of orange marmalade.
- Scalloped potatoes with juniper and chopped capers with chicken to ancienne on onion jam and eggs of wild salmon.

Catch of the day with herbs from Provence and melted butter.



- Vermentino Orriu (senza solfiti).
- Verdicchio del Cerro.
- Blanche De Morgex.
- Sauvignon Luisa.
- Pinot Bianco Gumphof.


- Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Masciarelli.
- Solos Rosso Kaltern (biodinamico).
- Dolcetto Boschis.
- Chianti Castello Tomitorio.


- Murgo Brut.