Hungarian cooking course

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Hungarian cooking course
Hungarian cooking course
Hungarian cooking course
Hungarian cooking course
Hungarian cooking course
Hungarian cooking course
Hungarian cooking course
Hungarian cooking course
Hungarian cooking course
Do you like cooking and would you like to discover Hungary through gastronomy? I love cooking and eating great food. It is fantastic when my kitchen is full of life: somebody is chopping onions, someone else is preparing the meat or is kneading dough. The pots are bubbling and we are talking and laughing and the smell of the food fills the whole flat. On my cooking courses from the beginning to the end we prepare a 3-course menu including the most famous Hungarian soup, main course and dessert. It’s a 4-hour long program with a lot of exciting details and stories about Hungarian culture, customs and everyday life. When the dishes are ready, we eat together in my own dining room and you can enjoy the result of your efforts.
While you are in Budapest, come, cook together and enjoy this unique atmosphere in my private place.
My hands-on cooking class gives you a memorable experience.
It includes:
- all the ingredients, kitchen pots and equipment,
- the recipes of the dishes, which you can take home,
- my help and guidance,
- small group,
- you can learn how to prepare the dishes and at the same time you can get an insight into the life of a Hungarian people,
- 4-hour cooking program with interesting information and stories about Hungarian culture, customs,
- 3-course Hungarian menu (soup, main course and dessert),
- you can taste the typical Hungarian bites as well,
- drinks: Hungarian pálinka (fruit brandy), 1 bottle of Hungarian wine, soft drinks and coffee
- free taxi,
$99  per guest
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Budapest, Hungary
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Sour Cherry Soup

This is a typical summer soup in Hungary. When the temperature is very high this soup gives a fresh feeling for you. Sweet and sour taste are in a plate.
(with dairy product, cinnamon)


Chicken Paprikas with Dumpling and Homemade Pickles

This is one of the most famous Hungarian dish next to the Goulash and Stew. Soft chicken pieces, silky sauce and tiny homemade pasta . And it is just the cherry on top of the cake my mother's pickles which gives a fresh taste to this main course.
(with chicken, dairy product, egg, flour)


Hungarian Pancake with Sweet Cottage Cheese Cream and Homemade Jams

The Hungarian pancake is a most popular dessert. We eat this with different fillings. You can taste this with fresh sweet cottage cheese and my homemade strawberry and apricot jams.
(with dairy product, egg, sugar)


Hungarian palinka (fruit brandy), 1 bottle of Hungarian wine, soft drinks, mineral water, tea and coffee.